Manage sponsorship requests and evaluate partnerships

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Manage sponsorships. Save time.

Managing incoming sponsorship requests can take 15% to 50% of one of your team members’ time. BrickRoad simplifies the management of requests and reduces the related workload by 50% to 80%. 


Increased overall efficiency; optimized team duties by removing tedious and redundant workloads; increased quality of proposals across the board.




Full automation and emails

Fully customizable site through an easy-to-use CMS

Simple and intuitive implementation

Secure site and database

Instant result reporting

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Online Sponsorship. Valuation Solution.

Want to know the real value of your sponsorships? Harness the power of the world’s first online sponsorship valuation solution and pinpoint the exact value of sponsorship assets.


Successful portfolio realignment enabling more strategic investment; overall savings on sponsorship right fees.




Most advanced tool on the market (based on latest research)

Industry-recognized methodology

Evaluation based on 250+ assets

Region-specific evaluation

Sponsorship industry benchmarking

Within-minutes automated reporting

Sponsorships-objective-based calculated evaluation

Property and sponsor fit measurement

Audience relevance analysis

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Broadcast. Analysis Solution

$50,000 or $500,000? What’s the real value of your TV or webcast?


It’s time to find out how much your most valuable assets are worth.




Most advanced software in the industry

Comprehensive reporting

Per market value

Valuation methods to industry standards

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